Can You Guess Who Would be the Champion of FIFA World Cup 2010?

Can You Guess Who Would be the Champion of FIFA World Cup 2010?

Due to the south, the local time the World Cup semi-finals last night out formally, Spanish, Dutch, German, Uruguay. Who will eventually win big cup? Changeable World Cup play today, it is difficult to answer this question. Many netizens are forecast and online German cup final win will have more fans, should think of pele JinKou “backward” prophecy, not by his promising Germany instead most likely scudetto.

Since the World Cup are predicted, pele had many games, but the result is always in the opposite direction and pele prediction. Therefore, pele was recognized has a “crow mouth,” he said which team can win, which team will lose. In all the interview pele and publicly said: “winning, Argentina’s Argentine World Cup final winner!” Netizen jesting pele’s “crow mouth” will be his country home. But he was not good, the German presidency in the 4-0 score, eventually beat Argentina four opening door.

History always seem to have an amazing coincidence, in order to prove that Germany would be the final champion team, using a set of data the netizens to support his claim: 1978 and 1986 champions are Argentina, 1978 + 1986 = 3964, Between 1974 and 1990, 1974 Germany’s 1990 = 3964 +, 1970 and 1994 is Brazil, 1970 + 1994 = 3964, 1962 and 2002 is Brazil, 1962 + 2002 = 3964, 2010 champions are 3964-2010, 1954 = 1954 champions is Germany.

Although the World Cup in Germany, and the players are very young, but they are the united team, unity is strength. Even has a lot of Argentina were young star of Germany beat crumbled.

About German World Cup after another coincidence is their first 20 years must title. In 1954, Germany 1974, 1990, lifting up three times, 20 years apart. Now that Germany has just 20 years from last time, they will be lifting and?

By many factors, Germany is still the hottest team, and who win will eventually win, only with the facts to prove.

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3 Steps & 3 Tips of Converting DV to DVD

DVD Burning Xpress is an integrated tool used to convert home video DV
tape to MPEG-2 and burn to DVD disc directly.

Step 1. Capture DV from Camcorder
The process of transferring video from your camcorder or other video sources to your computer is called capturing. The DV capturing function is integrated with DVD Burning Xpress.
Before capturing, the camcorder needs to be turned on and switched to the VCR mode. Click the
‘DV capture’ button on the main screen, the DV capture dialog will be shown. In this dialog, you can see a DV monitor screen and some playback control buttons under it. You can control the camcorder with these buttons to rewind or advance the DV tape to the exactly position where you want to start capturing. Then click the ‘Start Capture’ button to begin. At the position you want to stop capturing, you can click the ‘Stop Capture’ button. After the video has been successfully captured, the video files will be saved on hard drive in the format of uncompressed AVI files. You can use other software to process the AVI files in the future without capturing the DV tape again. Click the ‘OK’ button to close the dialog after capturing.

Step 2. Organize Video sources
After capturing from DV tape, the video staff will be put on the video sources list in the main screen. The following functions are available for video sources:
Trim Video. You can choose which video segment should be put on the DVD disc and which should not. Click the ‘Trim Video’ button on the right side: When you are playing the video file, click the ‘Start Point’ button at the position where you want to keep, and click the ‘End point’ at the position where you wouldn’t keep. The segment you want to keep will be marked as green color in the video position bar.

Transition Effects: Transition effects can be added between any video clips, which make the output DVD disc look very professional. More than 150 transition effects are integrated in DVD Burning Xpress. Clicking the ‘Transition’ button on the right side will launch the transition setting dialog as left. In this dialog, you can select a transition from the transition list or let the software to choose randomly from the transition effects. Transition duration can also be changed.

Change video orders: By clicking the ‘Move Up’, ’Move Down’ or ‘Remove’ button on the right side, The order of video clips can be changed. You can decide which video clip is presented first and which one comes later.

Add background music: Background music can be mixed to the source video. By adding background music, your video disc will impress your friends deeply. Most music formats, namely such as MP3. WMA, WAV etc, are supported. You can click the‘Properties’ button to adjust the background music volume or enable/disable the fade-in/out features. Double-clicking the music file in the background music list will let you preview the music file.

Step 3. Burn Video to DVD Disc
Click the ‘Burn DVD Disc’ button in the main screen window. In this dialog, you can change the output disc format, select PAL or NTSC TV system. Inserting an empty DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW disc into your DVD burner and clicking the‘Burn Now!’ button will let you burn disc. The burning process will encode the video files into MPEG-2 format and write it to DVD disc. The totally encoding and burning time varies from several minutes to a few hours. It depends on the length of the video source and the hardware configuration of your computer. As tested on the P4-2.0G CPU with 512M RAM, burning a 30 minutes video normally takes about 2 hours.

Some Tips of Converting DV to DVD:
1. The free trial version of DVD Burning Xpress has a 10 minutes limitation and you may need to order a license code to burn more than 10 minutes video.
2. Capturing DV and encoding video files consume very large disc space. For example, to successfully burn a whole DV tape to a DVD disc may require as large as 25G bytes free disc space.
3. A 1394 card is required to connect camcorder with your computer. You may need to buy a 1394 card. DVD-R/RW has better compatibility with DVD player than DVD+R/RW disc, especially for some older DVD player models.

Now start enjoying your converting. By the way, what kind of DV do you use? Do you know there’s a dv named aee mini dv? It looks very mini and very convenient to take and put any where.

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What Are Car Detailing Prices

There was a time when you leave your car on a hot day, raise a bucketful of water and start washing the car.       world expo

You take out almost every imaginable cleaning products and think to yourself, “How much does this cost for a professional to do?”

Honestly, not really that expensive to do it yourself car detailing, or for a professional does it well. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons, both when it comes to detailing a car.

If you want to do it yourself, its probably going to cost about $ 20 to collect all the supplies. This is not a bad price if you really ask me. A few months ago, I wrote an article about all car detailing supplies you’ll need.

To make it short and simple, is actually only going to need a couple of things such as wax, some shampoo and vacuum cleaner. You will be amazed at how much we’re going to have around your home and rest.

However, if you are going to career path, you will find that they all will vary in terms of prices. Each retailer will offer its own package. What you will discover is that prices will range from $ 50 to $ 300 depending on what it is.

If you get the gold package, you pay $ 200 + easily. If you want something simple like a vacuum cleaner, and more, is probably only going to pay about $ 50.

When you decide to find a professional in retail are going to want to get at least a handful of appointments. Like any business out there, everyone is going to vary. By getting different quotes, you should be able to find a price point that’s going to work for you.

If you have had your car detailed in the past, we know how much it cost!

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Prince of Denmark and “modern fairy tale kingdom” on National Pavilion Day

Drizzle, the “Fairy Kingdom” ushered in the State of Denmark on the 29th day, the museum. Danish Crown Prince Frederick and his party’s visit, the World expo Museum Day adds a bit of romantic color.

Prince Frederick, said at the opening ceremony, this year is the 60th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Denmark and China, therefore, Denmark specifically to David, “The Little Mermaid” statue transported thousands of miles to the Shanghai World Expo, which is “The Little Mermaid” was born a hundred years for the first time to leave their homeland, one of Denmark issued the invitation to further deepen the bilateral cultural exchanges.

He said the 2010 Shanghai World Expo is one of Denmark’s most ambitious in the history of the World Expo tour. The Government of Denmark, the company actively involved, to provide the world the latest and most detailed information on Denmark. Museum in Denmark, you can see them on the “City, Better Life,” a unique interpretation of how to construct a well-being and sustainable development of the “modern fairy tale world.”

Founded in 1924 in Copenhagen, Denmark Royal choir also sang nursery rhymes and taken from the Danish Hans Christian Andersen’s songs.

Subsequently, the Crown Prince and his entourage of 18 officials in Shanghai, visited the China Pavilion, the Danish Pavilion. The staff of the Prince listened to his “favorite” – “Little Mermaid” in the Shanghai World Expo life. He also issued a famous Chinese translator Shiqin E of “Knight of the flag” (Order of Dannebrog), in recognition of this will be a large number of Danish literature translated to Chinese readers of Scandinavian literature specialist.

Odense City is the hometown of the famous fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen.Day gathering of young artists from Denmark here, dressed as “Anderson” and his characters, loved by the “Little Mermaid” and “The Princess” and other roles, attracted visitors eager pictures taken.

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How to Use an Ultrasonic Cleaner?

Do you want to use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner to clean your jewelry? Do you know how to use it? If you want to know how to use it, you’d better understand how it works. An ultrasonic cleaner is a metal container that has ceramic piezo transducers attached to the side or the bottom of the tank. These transducers convert one form of energy to another. They also change size when an electrical signal excites it. When the transducer is excited it increases in size and causes the side or the bottom of the container to move.

When an electrical generator emits a high frequency signal, the transducer offsets rarefaction and compression waves in the liquid. With this rarefaction cycle, the liquid is torn apart. Consequently a vacuum cavity is created in the liquid. The cavities fluctuate in size, but when the cavity reaches a certain size, it cannot retain its shape. When this happens, the cavity collapses, creating an extremely high temperature of 5,000 degrees Celsius (9,032 degrees Fahrenheit), and a jet of plasma hits the object in the container. Millions of these bubbles are created and collapsed every second.

These bubbles are what clean the object in the tank. The jet of plasma that hits the object causes the dirt to come off, and can be increased by adding a cleaning agent to the tank.

Now that you know how an ultrasonic cleaner works, here are a few tips to get you started:

•Make sure you always use a basket to clean your items. Never put them on the bottom without one.
•Choose the right type of ultrasonic cleaner. There are many types out there. They can range from jewelry cleaners to laboratory equipment.
•Find the right ultrasonic cleaner solution before you begin. You can choose from general purpose solutions, industrial strength solutions, electronic solutions, and many others. Many ultrasonic cleaners should be used with water. When cleaning circuit boards, distilled or dionized water should be used. But if you’re using the cleaner for other applications, like dentistry, tap water is fine.
•Used water or cleaner solution should be treated with 10% bleach before being disposed.

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South Africa Pavilion of World Expo Shanghai Welcomed the 1 Millionthth Visitor

South Africa Pavilion of World Expo Shanghai opened in seven weeks welcomed its 1 millionth visitor — a student from Hunan, China.

On June 22, 25 points, 12:00 noon 22 south hunan XiaoCao girl became the millionth visitor.South African museum and curator Schoeman Plessis bois staff at the entrance hall with a gift basket enthusiastically embraced her arrival.XiaoCao says, can become a South African museum Millionth visitor, she felt very excited and excited, South Africa is that she came to Shanghai world expo after the first choice of the exhibition hall, visit here she felt by the South Africa’s unique enthusiasm, has moved to her.

In South Africa, said she XiaoCao originates from the interest to understand the 2010 World Cup in South Africa as the host of the host country, especially for this event in South Africa, and the World Cup in South Africa and South Africa to people, including public infrastructure, the more lasting legacy as.XiaoCao added: ” I hope to get in-depth understanding.” this is her first visited museum is one of the reasons for South.

South African museum in the world expo 2010 Shanghai’s theme is “Ke Nako!” (” It’s the time!”) this one theme is divided into five topics, each month in South Africa in in a certain area of achievement.May is the focus of the 2010 World Cup in June, is focused on urban community reconstruction. In the south during the expo, the promotion activities held regularly, South Africa’s food and drink culture and art makes you big full the luck to eat STH delicious and 64.Hosting the 2010 World Cup in South Africa in 2010 Shanghai world expo attracts many eyeballs on during the opening is one of the main causes of travel peak.As the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the last few games participants in the future are expected to increase in a few weeks.

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Do We Need CD/DVD anymore?

Do we need CD/DVD anymore? If we don’t need them anymore, do we need CD/DVD ultrasonic cleaner? Yes, we need! CD/DVD ultrasonic cleaner can not only clean CD/DVD, it’s also an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.

Now you can get really cheap pocket sized portable 500 and 1GB self powered usb disks these days do we really need to have largish DVD’s and CD’s anymore.

Music CD’s are essentially in any case 100% redundant — I rip all my music to FLAC and I’m sure others do similar (and to other codecs as well) — and it’s always possible with NERO or other software to “re-create” the Audio CD image back again from FLAC / WAV or oither lossless codec.

For Data (including DVD’s) there’s enough software around to make an ISO copy even the most copy protected DVD .

For playing etc there’s plenty of Virtual CD / DVD image mounters too — when I travel take a small USB disk with loads of DVD images on them – the software will even copy DL disks (and BLU RAY too – although playing Blu ray DVD’s on a computer is still a pain).

So you save space as well at home –don’t need to have loads of CD’s / DVD’s around.

For music in cars — pretty well most car radios these days have an AUX in and often a USB in as well so no probs playing from IPODS etc etc.

Playing CD’s in any case in a car is iffy — you probably need a changer in the back and I don’t know about where you live – but using a CD player in an Off roader which is really Off Road isn’t a good idea either.

On the rare ocasion I need a physical disc I can burn it to the appropriate medium.

So even for Film DVD’s I’d suggest that the distributors could supply “Electronic Images” of the DVD which if necessary we could burn ourselves.

Getting rid of the physical medium also would save a lot of pollution in the manufacture of CD’s / DVD’s too — there’s some nasty heavy metals used in the manufacturing processes as well.

But I suppose the Ostriches and Bozos who are in charge of the Music and Movie industries will probably fight this all the way and come up with ever more stupid DRM schemes rather than embrace the new technology for fairly distibuting their products — but that’s another whole different issue.

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The Most Inconceivable Misjudgment of the World Cup

Since we human being can produce goods to make our life better, such as we produce robot vacuum cleaner to help us clean floor, why can’t we produce electronic referees to make precise judgment in the World Cup?

The 2010 World Cup in South Africa 1/8 finals, Germany 4-1 thrashing of England.Frank lampard’s goal was mistakenly referee blowing off the tournament’s most controversial a ball was born.AFP strong, because of the serious miscarriage, England was killed a strike!

Start soon, Germany’s two goals down.Then, EPuSen pulled a header from England, 38 minutes in the first hit the crossbar, lampard audacious along the line, the referee may actually, no goal.Signaled Uruguay referee George larry AngDa looked after the game to signal the assistant.

So why should judge sentenced the ball into?A viewpoint is: it is the referee, even against England FIFA conspiracy!Another kind of business is the ability is limited, and it is a mistake to Daniel, though not, but this is not the way.

From the angles of the video and images can be clearly collaosed, see the ball across the line integral has scored a goal, it is absolutely.The score at England’s 2-1 down, if the ball game, so the process, the movements of the game, both tactical and attitude will be different.If Germany’s 2-0 after just six minutes, he is stubborn, England since then, can produce some subtle changes.Although people not to “if” to judge the game, this is not the rigorous, However, all must admit that this serious miscarriage, indeed interfere with games!

AFP said: “frank lampard will have a ball in line, but the referee in huge mistake was killed England goal in England in the first half.This can be recovered, but become foolish became the victim.” decision finally said, it is told AFP the previous World Cup errors.

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Design Concept of Mascot Expo 2010

HaiBao,the world expo 2010 Shanghai, China mascot.With the Chinese character “human” as the core idea, with representatives of Marine life and vitality.His laughter, display a positive and optimistic upward, health in China; the spirit.His hands up and bosom, shows the tolerance and passion.He tilted thumb, is to come from all over the world of sincerely invite friends.

(1) reflect host country’s culture.
The 2010 Shanghai world expo held by China, Shanghai is the global event, and also for the first time in a developing country of integrated expo held.Shanghai world expo mascot design must include Chinese culture characteristics of Chinese cultural spirit, reflect the 2010 world expo in Shanghai, the sino-foreign cultural exchanges.At the same time, comply with Chinese law and social good morals.

(2) deduce the 2010 world expo in Shanghai “better city, better life”.
The world expo 2010 Shanghai, China mascot should be subject to deduce the carrier and the visual image identification, and each world or other international large-scale activities have mascot figure in themes, modelling design aspects have obvious difference.
Through creative refinement mascot figure, design, concept, character set, this act means, fully express the 2010 world expo in Shanghai “better city, better life”.Through the mascot vivid deduce city, city, city star the interactive relationship between deep expression footprint, intrinsic connection between the dream.Design ideas and concepts to clear and distinct theme and easy to fit, the audience understanding.

(3) is derived and the development of products.
The world expo 2010 Shanghai, China should accord with “good-looking, mascots, easy to use, with the principle of” derivative products, market development of image, and has high recognition model, strong applicability, etc, suitable for various toy, stationery, clothing, gifts, jewelry series of derivative products design and development.In form and technical means, applicable, stereo and electronic media communication and creation, suitable for different carrier to deduce the style and performance.

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What Should You Consider about Getting Body Piercing?

Do you know all the accessories you wear every day in your pierced body should be kept cleaning? An ultrasonic cleaner (ultrasonic jewelry cleaner) can clean them as brand new.

Nowadays, the body piercing became more and more popular, the most popular among young people in the body piercing seems ears, nose, lips and navel.Anyway, you should do some research, you really decided to let the body wear.

Which part of your body wants to wear?In every part of the body would stab – beauty and charm.But that won’t cause trouble.Puncture For example, nostril irrelevant, when you want to find a job, your teeth and tongue pierced gun when you get healthy body is not sensitive to the puncture, etc.

What are the risks or complications body piercing bring?- if all goes well, you will be fined a corpse, besides some temporary thorn symptoms, including some pain, swelling, and in the case through area, increasing saliva tongue.But there have also been some body piercing complications.Chronic infections, such as to control or extended bleeding, scar, hepatitis b and c, tetanus, skin allergy jewelry, the use of abscess, inflammation or boil or nerve damage.

Long time to heal the body piercing?According to different parts of the body, can cure time, several weeks, more than a year.Generally speaking, in different parts of the body to heal time is as follows: ear (6 to 8 weeks), ear cartilage (April 1 year), the eyebrow (6-8 weeks, nostril (2 ~ 4 months), nasal septum (6-8 months), lip (2 to 3 months), tongue (4 weeks), nipple (3-6 months), navel (4 months to one year).However, during treatment from certain depends on aftercare.So if you got a puncture, make sure you take good care of it.

To get your body wear, you have decided to put it in a professional sharp studio, or put it at home.If you intend to practice the skills and become a puncture of the license, you need to buy a punch body puncture bag, contains all the equipment for your choice.Likewise, when you choose to stab a studio, you should check the equipment frostbite.High quality sharp tools can bring good results, and facilitate the sharp postoperative nursing.

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